(If this page makes me come across as self-important, I apologize. I feel like it’s impossible to not come across that way with a personal ABOUT page. I just wanted to point this out because the idea of having a page like this is something I’ve never been a fan of. Seriously, I have one because it seems like everyone else who has a personal portfolio site does.)

I primarily cover the Celtics for WEEI.com, though I’ve covered the Red Sox and Patriots since 2015 and 2014, respectively. I’m also the managing editor of USA TODAY SMG’s Nets Wire. I’ve written about sports in a lot of places prior to these two. If you really want to know which places, click here.

When it comes to broadcasting, I was a frequent guest on WPRI/Fox Providence from February 2016 to September 2019. I’ve done radio work since 2017, having been featured on 1480 WSAR, WPRO, WEEI, and 103.7 WVEI. I had a baseball podcast, Seams Legit, but with my focus on the NBA, I now host a basketball podcast, 5 Out.

As much as I love writing about and talking about sports, I love to branch out. That’s why I review comic books and shows for Geeks WorldWide, and previously contributed to ScreenRant and CBR. Of course, I have an entertainment-driven podcast, too. It’s called Change My Mind.

Prior to writing about sports, I played them. While studying journalism at Northwestern University from 2010-2014, I was a pitcher for the varsity baseball team. I was average at best. Here’s a link to my stats to prove it. My two favorite moments from my playing days are the first time I hit 90 MPH (topped at 91, so it’s not like I sat there) and getting to pitch in the Cape Cod League for the Falmouth Commodores (legit one game because I got called up right before the playoffs and we got bounced in the first round). For whatever it’s worth, I played basketball and soccer in high school, too.

Feel free to email me at gfriar29@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter.

If, for some reason, you’re curious for more:

Former certified strength coach | Country (both old and the new pop stuff) | Rock (old and new — but man, I can’t stand how my dad’s generation worships Bruce Springsteen | Rap (none of whatever that new mumble stuff is) | The current DC Comics books are better than Marvel’s | That being said, MCU > DCEU — and it isn’t close | Most influential person in my life outside of my parents and brother was my high school chemistry teacher. One of the toughest individuals I’ve ever met in my life. | Son of a Portuguese immigrant (well, the Azores if you want to get technical)

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