(If this page makes me come across as self-important, I apologize. I feel like it’s impossible to not come across that way with a personal ABOUT page. I just wanted to point this out because the idea of having a page like this is something I’ve never been a fan of. Seriously, I have one because it seems like everyone else who has a personal portfolio site does.)

I’m an editor for the DraftKings Playbook and DraftKings’ news app, DK Live. I also recently started appearing on DraftKings’ daily show, The Sweat.

Previously, I covered the Celtics for WEEI.com and was the managing editor of USA TODAY SMG’s Nets Wire. I also helped EEI with it’s coverage of the Red Sox, having reported on them and Patriots since 2015 and 2014, respectively. I’ve written about sports in a lot of other places — if you really want to know where, click here.

When it comes to broadcasting, I was a frequent guest on WPRI/Fox Providence from February 2016 to September 2019. I’ve done radio work since 2017, having been featured on 1480 WSAR, WPRO, WEEI, and 103.7 WVEI.

As much as I love writing about and talking about sports, I love to branch out. That’s why I review comic books and shows for Geeks WorldWide, and previously contributed to ScreenRant and CBR. Of course, I have a couple entertainment podcasts: Change My Mind, which is mainly focused around superhero movies and shows, and TLDR, which is all about comic books.

Prior to writing about sports, I played them. While studying journalism at Northwestern University from 2010-2014, I was a pitcher for the varsity baseball team. I was average at best. Here’s a link to my stats to prove it. My two favorite moments from my playing days are the first time I hit 90 MPH (topped at 91, so it’s not like I sat there) and getting to pitch in the Cape Cod League for the Falmouth Commodores (legit one game because I got called up right before the playoffs and we got bounced in the first round). For whatever it’s worth, I played basketball and soccer in high school, too.

Feel free to email me at gfriar29@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter.

If, for some reason, you’re curious for more:

Former certified strength coach | Country (both old and the new pop stuff) | Rock (old and new — but man, I can’t stand how my dad’s generation worships Bruce Springsteen) | Rap (none of whatever that new mumble stuff is) | The current DC Comics books are better than Marvel’s | Despite the previous remark, MCU > DCEU — it isn’t close | Most influential person in my life outside of my parents and brother was my high school chemistry teacher. One of the toughest individuals I’ve ever met in my life. | Son of a Portuguese immigrant (the Azores, if you want to get into specifics)

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