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In addition to the weekly podcast — which you can hear on the Apple podcast app, Stitcher and — I’ll be providing daily blog post — so at least one, everyday — on everything (non-Red Sox, you can read that here, non-Patriots and non-Celtics) MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL (and occasionally other random things).

Much like with the podcast, this blog won’t just be about everything on the field and will have a different feel from the traditional reporting I do for the Red Sox and Patriots. Headlines for each post will be on this page, with a hyperlink to the page — that way you shouldn’t have to scroll forever. I’ll also create a post for every week’s podcast in case you don’t see when they go up Twitter.

If you ever want me to weigh in on something in particular, or would like a particular guest on the show, feel free to email me at or DM me on Twitter.

Also, if you’ve been reading my comic book-related blogs, Dark Trinity, I’m now writing about that world with Geeks WorldWide.


NBA opening night leads to strange nerdy crossover, mistake

LaMelo Ball is putting the moves on in Russia

The love/hate relationship with fantasy football

A-Rod put on a Red Sox uniform

Revised Championship Series and World Series predictions

Jimmy Butler might be the strangest human on the planet

Turns out Marshawn Lynch is actually a really good dude

Twitter exploded over Angel Hernandez’s embarrassing night in Game 3 of the Red Sox Yankees ALDS

Can someone please tell A-Rod he isn’t cool

Khabib Nurmagomedov and his crew lost it after winning UFC 229

Tim Tebow is lecturing Alabama students

Andrew McCutchen might be the best MLB Instagram follow

The Indians and Astros were basically told by MLB they aren’t all the important right now

PODCAST: MLB Postseason Preview (feat. a Special Guest)

Bye-bye Buck Showalter

MLB’s marketing team is finally starting to get it

The Cubs’ collapse is complete

Earl Thomas gave the Seahawks’ sideline a going away present after busting his leg

Team USA is getting its teeth kicked in at the Ryder Cup

Tom Brady is a better dancer than I expected him to be

C.C. Sabathia cost himself half a million dollars for one of the best reasons I can think of

A’s are now everyone AL favorite because of their low payroll

And the “Worst Half-Sleeve of All-Time” Award goes to…Lonzo Ball!

Jimmy G is taking the TB12 method a bit too seriously

University of Tennesee linebacker Quart’e Sapp quit midgame

The Indians starting rotation just set one of the more impressive MLB records

I want to appreciate Baker Mayfield, but something tells me I’m not going to by Week 5

Andrew Wiggins should probably tap out of this beef with Stephen Jackson

Josh Gordon is a New England Patriot. Josh Gordon isn’t a New England Patriot

PODCAST: Christian Yelich v. Javier Baez, Jacob deGrom v. the Mets and Joe Manganiello & Sofia Vergara

Apparently Antonio Brown didn’t show up to the Steelers’ facility on Monday

Vontae Davis dropped the mic on the Buffalo Bills

Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn’t human

Looks like the Browns are dumping Josh Gordon

Stephon Marbury is back in business

Looks like David Wright is still hanging on for one last ride

Jacob deGrom would make the Tampa Bay Rays a playoff team

Marshawn Lynch’s high school photo is exactly what you’d expect

It’s amazing how a caption can turn a meaningless video into a work of art

So there was a weather delay in the NFL

Le’Veon Bell just forfeited $853K

There are more Kaepernick-Nike memes

Announcer Fight — Tigers analyst v. Tigers play-by-play announcer

PODCAST: Scrappy in Seattle, Ryan Howard retires & the Red Sox

The Mariners are apparently having problems in the clubhouse

These new Colin Kaepernick-Nike-inspired memes are gold

Ryan Howard has officially retired from baseball

Doug Pederson was not too happy with the media on Sunday

Joe West stole Austin Davis’s note card and his lunch money

Cleveland gets Josh Donaldson, but can he get back to full strength by October?

Andrew McCutchen going to the Yankees is a terrible sign for the return of Aaron Judge

So…College football is back…

Aaron Rodgers got PAID

Apparently an NFL team interested in Odell Beckham, Jr. hired a Private investigator to follow him

Eric Decker finally smartened up and decided to become a full-time husband

Kendrys Morales is playing out of his mind

Josh Gordon is BACK!

MadBum did deGrom dirty on Player’s Weekend

What the hell happened to Phil Mickelson?

PODCAST: TByrd, Bartsool Sports Phillies Writer

Ronald Acuna isn’t human

Boogie Cousins’ long-range game is in midseason form

Adrian Peterson still kicking around the NFL

One of the best home run hitters in the country and Phillies All-Star Rhys Hoskins were hanging out in Williamsport Sunday

Still can’t get over Scott Kingery’s appearance

Keith Hernandez doubled down on Jose Urena v. Ronald Acuna…then tripled down! (Or quadrupled down? I don’t know how it works)

PODCAST: Mark Dondero, the Boston Sports Post and 103.7 FM WEEI Providence

An Indy ball team had a fan food fight for a promotion

Yasiel Puig vs. the San Francisco Giants Round 15

David Bote apologized for his bat flip…?

Max Scherzer did something I’ve never *HEARD* an MLB pitcher do

Tiger Woods continues to be the most compelling television in America

Scientist continue to give us exactly what we want, now it’s a robot who can talk about baseball

MLB Players’ Weekend is back and the nicknames have been revealed…here’s who got it right

The NCAA can never make anything simple

An indy ball player lost his mind on an umpire after striking out looking

Is Giancarlo Stanton striking out against a position player the most surprising thing that’s happened on the field the season?

PODCAST: Lauren Taylor, MLB/MLBPA Licensed Artist

Clay Buchholz has come back to life in Arizona

Matt Harvey still isn’t a fan of the New York media

How in the world is Nick Markakis good again?

Red Sox – Yankees tension sparking age-old debate over pitchers throwing at hitters

Rick Ankiel making a comeback?

The Mets really could’ve used Tim Tebow Tuesday night

PODCAST: Mike Shalin, Author of The Hometown Team and Donnie Baseball

This had to be one of the busier MLB trade deadlines in recent memory

Bryce Harper is apparently available RIGHT NOW

More MLB players are getting in trouble for their past behavior on Twitter

The Mets continue to disrespect Jacob deGrom

Dez Bryant has something to say

Former Phillies J.A. Happ and Cole Hamels in pinstripes again, this time with the Yankees and Cubs, respectively

Vince Carter apparently extending his NBA career at least 1 more year

‘NBA expert’ Chris Carter labeled Gordon Hayward as a ‘role player’

Adding Zach Britton may give the Yankees the deepest bullpen ever

Viral tweet exposes Dwight Howard for being a fraud

Luis Severino and Gary Sanchez got into it in the first game of Yankees – Rays

Sad day for Mets fans with Tim Tebow set to undergo surgery

The final round of this year’s British Open was as captivating as it gets, with Franceso Molinari coming out on top

Josh Hader’s teammates had his back in his first meeting with the Milwaukee media

Joey Votto really, really needs to get out of Cincinnati

Andrew Luck is kinda, sorta back…but not really

PODCAST: NBC Sports Boston’s The Camera Guys, Glenn and Moose

WEEI and Sports Hub break midday show news within 24 hours

Kawhi to…the Raptors?

Josh Hader…well, he wrote some things on Twitter when he was younger that were about as bad as it gets, and it resurfaced mid-All-Star Game

Cubs fans think Bryce Harper cheated in the Home Run Derby

Le’Veon Bell did not get his payday

Fans seem more excited about not hearing Alexi Lalas for another four years than France’s second World Cup win

LaVar Ball thinks he could’ve beaten LeBron James in his prime

Looks like Chase Utley is hanging it up after this season

PODCAST: Kylie Jenner, Ken Giles, Tim Tebow & dogs are parasites?

Random Thoughts: Forbes thinks Kylie Jenner is self-made?

Ken Giles sent to Triple-A after losing his cool again

The A’s lost in just about the weirdest way possible on Tuesday

Aaron Nola may have the best arm-side run in all of baseball

If you like bad baseball, you need to follow Chris Davis

A Cubs security guard didn’t recognize Joey Votto

Kawhi Leonard apparently hid from the Spurs when the tried to check on him in the 2017-2018 season

PODCAST: Logan Davidson, College Home Run Derby / Clemson University

Carlos Gomez took practice swings on a water cooler…and destroyed it

Woman surprisingly gets bit by shark and nearly dragged into the water after she tried petting it

Tim Tebow made a mistake any All-Star outfielder could make

Jay Cutler is a clown…and for once that’s not a bad thing

Terrell Owens is big league-ing the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Boogie Cousins ruined LeBron’s party in Los Angeles

LeBron is a Laker

Dee Gordon and the Mariners won the day with Turn Ahead the Clock Night

Vince Velasquez may have made the best play a pitcher’s ever made

Marcus Stroman, Gerrit Cole weren’t the only ones throwing sick sliders Friday night

Professional baseball player Tim Tebow is now a Double-A All-Star

Dan Gilbert apparently wanted to break-up with LeBron before getting dumped

So LeBron James isn’t interested in “elaborate recruiting pitches” but he’s not above texting guys anymore about teaming up

Joey Votto tossed after getting rung up on two bad strike calls

The Tigers fired their pitching coach for making “insensitive comments”

Kawhi sweepstakes starting to take off

PODCAST: Carson Spiers, Clemson University and Falmouth Commodores

Sergio Romo lost his mind after getting a mid-June save against the Nationals

Kansas Chiefs lineman earns doctorate, asks if he can M.D. on the back of the jersey, NFL says no

Somehow Brad Stevens lost another Coach of the Year award to a guy who got fired

The wait is over, we’re finally getting a 3-part series covering Paul George while he goes through free agency in the offseason

LeBron may never win a title again, but he may earn everyone’s respect

Blake Treinen needs to be a 2018 MLB All-Star

Someone made it seem like Skip Bayless was arguing with Skip Bayless about Aaron Rodgers

Baker Mayfield gave all athletes a perfect example of how to handle media criticism

76ers executives continue to make responsible decisions, trade HR worker’s son five seconds after they draft him

Kevin McHale broke the internet

PODCAST: Brian Engles, Author of Wildball

Dwight Howard is now with his six NBA team after being traded to Nets

Hunter Strickland took back his title as MLB’s No. 1 hardo reliever

The Kelvin Herrera move was a huge miss for other MLB playoff contenders

Shockingly, the coverage of Phil Mickelson’s antics have been worse than the act itself

Gilbert Arenas went after current NBA players on instagram

Phil Mickelson’s meltdown has me questioning why so many people like golf

Someone besides Gary Sanchez’s parents actually think he’s a good defensive catcher

Are the “official” reports about Kawhi Leonard wanting out of San Antonio supposed to come as a surprise?

Turns out Mike Bibby is JACKED now

MLB is scrubbing the Noah Syndergaard ejection video from the Internet

Fight Night in L.A. – Matt Kemp v. Robinson Chirinos

Video of Noah Syndergaard’s 2016 ejection reminds us all why we need to dump replay and forget about robot-umps so managers can lose their minds on umpires again

Alexander Ovechkin slow-danced with the Stanley Cup

Good news for Christian Hackenberg is things can’t get much worse

The Mariners are taking a stand in MLB’s battle against PEDS, will reportedly not make Robinson Cano the everyday second baseman when he returns from suspension

Madison Bumgarner was tossed by home plate umpire Jeremie Rehak after he’d already been pulled from Monday’s game

PODCAST: J.A. Happ, Toronto Blue Jays

Alexander Ovechkin took a quick second from his Stanley Cup celebration tour to thank his supporters

Wouldn’t it be nice if the LeBron sweepstakes ended as quickly as possible?

Kyrie Irving added a new layer to his ‘the Earth is flat’ discussion and it TOTALLY makes sense

Is the MLB schedule becoming too much for Shohei Ohtani’s balancing act?

LeBron’s free agency field has been set, and Celtics fans claim they aren’t interested?

A-Rod thinks it may eventually make sense for the Giants to trade Madison Bumgarner to the Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton is in the right in his battle with Mike Fiers

As everyone predicted, the Seattle Mariners are in first place in the AL West at the start of June

Not only is Max Scherzer the best pitcher on the mound, he’s the best pitcher in the batters box

Any chance some MLB team helps Jacob deGrom get out of New York?

Is Mike Foltynewicz the most underrated pitcher in baseball?

J.R. Smith is the smartest basketball player alive

Cavs – Warriors is now four years old, which means it’s older than…

PODCAST: Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald

Apparently we all owe Kevin Durant an apology for having a burner Twitter account

Tom Wilson absolutely leveled Jonathan Marchessault

Celtics looked terrible, LeBron may have broken his back carrying the Cavs, but can ESPN and Nick Wright PLEASE give the man some room to breathe

Jose Altuve lost it on Lance McCullers

ESPN is bringing back Keith Olbermann AGAIN

Yet another ugly end to an NBA playoff game

PODCAST: George Kontos, Pittsburgh Pirates

Tom Wilson destroyed Braydon Coburn

Angel Hernandez continues to make new friends in Major League Baseball, most recently Corey Knebel and the Milwaukee Brewers

The NBA Referee Twitter account tried to justify that horrendous offensive foul call against Marcus Morris from Game 4


Anyone still think Terry Rozier can do what Kyrie Irving does?

From his couch, Joel Embiid trashed Aron Baynes while watching him play in the Eastern Conference Finals

Kevin Durant doesn’t need a burner account to clap back at Charles Barkley

Can what happened between the Cubs and Reds be defined as an actual “fight”?

Any chance NBA refs could be a little less obvious than they were in Game 3 of Celtics – Cavs?

At what point will the United States Environmental Protection Agency step in to stop Dustin Byfuglien?

So Robinson Cano’s PED use wasn’t a secret apparently

Justin Verlander fans his 2,500th batter…and it was Shohei Ohtani

Licking faces in the NHL might be crossing a line, but Marc-Andre Flurry proved that tickling another player’s ear is still fair game

Tyronn Lue complains about Celtics on-court behavior after J.R. Smith shoved Al Horford from behind

PODCAST: Tim Dillard, Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Milwaukee Brewers)

Add Robinson Cano to the list of MLB players suspended for breaking the league’s drug policy

Charles Barkley once again proves great athletes aren’t necessarily very athletic

States can now legalize sports gambling thanks to the Supreme Court

For some reason everyone was shocked by LeBron’s Game 1 post game press conference

Mark Jackson backs Dwane Casey winning Coach of the Year over Brad Stevens as the Celtics destroy the Cavs

Humans take another step towards creating a real-life Terminator Apocalypse

NBA Coaches select Dwane Casey as their coach of the year, the Raptors then first him two days later

“Trade Kyrie Irving” talk, fine…”Kyrie’s irrelevant” talk, what?

PODCAST: Zack Short, Chicago Cubs No. 22 Prospect

The Mets continue to struggle through May, to the point where the Reds’ official Twitter had to chime in

James Paxton and Dylan Bundy could not have had more opposite outings on Tuesday

Now we know the real reason why Tom Brady thought about leaving the Patriots

Looks like Joe Girardi borrowed a suit from Aaron Judge for his latest TV appearance

The NHL’s refs seriously need to cool it with tossing guys from faceoffs

Max Scherzer continues to prove his weird mechanics were never a problem

76ers’ premature confetti overshadows Jason Tatum’s moment with Joel Embiid

The Internet has once again lost its mind, this time thanks to James Harden and Chris Paul

The Dark Knight Collapses, the end of Matt Harvey

Is Albert Pujols the greatest hitter of the 21st Century (so far)?

Have you ever seen Brad Marchand and the Pokémon Lickitung in the same place?

Ichiro pulls the ultimate Brett Favre and cancels his retirement before it gets announced

Jacob deGrom pitched an inning after hyperextending his arm while hitting, and it looks like he’s on the shelf for a bit

PODCAST: White Sox Dave, Barstool Sports

Tom Wilson finally got his suspension after drilling second Penguin in as many games

Ken Giles makes his case for a role in Fight Club remake after appearance against Yankees

How is the NHL letting Tom Wilson play tonight?

Bruins Twitter erupted after there was no slashing call of the Brad Marchand breakaway in the third period

Rajon Rondo v. Draymond Green is the only reason to watch Pelicans v. Warriors

Another MLB disagreement over celebrations involving Tim Anderson, this time with Salvador Perez

When Pablo Sandoval was in Boston he could barely throw to first, now he can pitch?

So apparently Will Ferrell used to look like Blake Griffin

Yu Darvish’s stuff looks as good as ever, even though his stats aren’t there

Thankfully, the first round of the NFL Draft is over

Less than a day after Gronk tells the Patriots he’s coming back, Adam Schefter reports Greg Olsen is getting a fat contract

This player appeared in his first MLB game since 2012…I had no idea he was gone

After getting drilled by a Zdeno Chara slapshot, Morgan Rielly proves once again why hockey players aren’t human beings

New Wojbomb, NBA may be eliminating the one-and-done, allowing high school seniors to enter the draft

NBA is reportedly considering suspending Russell Westbrook for Game 5

PODCAST: Tim Healey, Mets beat reporter for Newsday

Mark Cuban wants refs to make changes on certain foul calls

Mike Francesa wants back in the game…and on WFAN again

Didi Gregorius only pulls his home runs…seriously, he’s never hit one left of the second baseman

Carlos Gomez with the bat-flip of the century after snapping his bat in a previous at-bat

Chris Paul had to answer a question directed at James Harden because he has the inability to compose himself

Matt Harvey, formerly the Dark Knight of Gotham, is headed to the bullpen

Gronk dirt-biking instead of going to practice

Justin Verlander versus…Tim Anderson

NBA mocked its players perfectly on National High Five Day

Khris Middleton called out a reporter who mistook him for someone else

Safe to say Jake Arrieta is back

Jonny Gomes may have come up with a way to speed up baseball games

How is J.J. Reddick still in the NBA?

Francisco Lindor apologized for his home run celebration in Puerto Rico?

Tim Tebow wants to keep living out his dreams…

PODCAST: Hubbs, Barstool’s Yankees writer

Adam Schefter drops more Tom Brady info that could drive Patriots’ fans mad

Eric Bledsoe is apparently really bad with names or has poor vision

Anthony Rizzo wants to play less baseball