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INTRO post

Avengers Infinity War Speculation

The Walking Dead S8 Ep. 11

X-Men Red #2

Rogue & Gambit #3

Avengers #683

Explaining my recent absence…

Former Marvel & DC comic book writer discusses MCU’s dominance, DCEU’s struggles . . . but is he missing something?

Walking Dead midseason premiere

Walking Dead is BACK!

Astonishing X-Men #8

Tales of Suspense #102

Avengers #681

Batman/TMNT #4

Jordan v. Evans recovery from Human Torch role

Black Panther

Cable #154

Avengers #680

Red Hood #19

Gambit and Rogue #2

X-Men Red #1

Spirits of Vengeance #5

Avengers #679

Venom Trailer

New Deadpool 2 Trailer

Han Solo and Avengers teasers

Moon Knight #191

Avengers #678

Tales of Suspense #101

Antman and the Wasp trailer

Netflix show you may have missed…The Last Kingdom

Modern comic book writers worth your while

Avengers #677

Logan nominated for an Oscar

Deathstroke v. Batman

Avengers: No Surrender #675 & #676

Spirits of Vengeance #4

What the hell is going on with Tom Holland and the Venom movie?

Batman/TMNT #3

Someone decided to write a lengthy piece destroying Gambit’s life . . .

Red Hood #18

Cable #153

Another Gambit director is out

Jodie Foster not a fan of superhero movies . . . ok?

Stan Lee accused of sexual misconduct

Rogue and Gambit #1

Astonishing X-Men #7

2017 in Nerd-dom

Catching up from Christmas…Star Wars, TMNT & Batman and more

Tales of Suspense #100

The Last Jedi

Surviving the internet without having seen The Last Jedi

Cable #152

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

The Walking Dead, Marvel and more

Marvel’s The Punisher

Spirits of Vengeance

TWD Episode 7 & Power Rankings

Astonishing X-Men

Rey out after Episode IX?

Infinity Wars trailer

Justice League

Ep. 6 & Power Rankings


TWD Ep. 5 & Power Rankings

Moon Knight

Old DC v. New 52 & Rebirth

Deadpool, Justice League, the Punisher & Battlefront II

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Comic Book Artistry

Affleck doesn’t want to be Batman? Fine by me.

TWD Ep. 4 & Power Rankings

Bizarro Brain

Darth Maul

Deadpool might stay put?

X-Men actors MCU should keep and dump

Disney reportedly trying to buy 21st Century Fox

TWD Ep. 3 & Power Rankings

Thor: Ragnarok

LOTR show on Amazon

Superman, Henry Cavill’s state of the DCEU

Old vs. New comics


Deathstroke Movie