UPDATE: The podcast is going well and thriving with the new addition of my former college teammate Matt Lopez. Very excited for the 2019 baseball season to finally start.

Regarding the blog, it seems things that hold is looking more permanent. Now being the Leader Writer for USA Today’s Celtics Wire, while running the GIF Tournaments for Pitcher List, along with my responsibilities covering the Red Sox and everything else, I’ve found other avenues to write about the same things discussed here on the blog. Hopefully, you can continue following along with the podcast and my writing!

Thanks for the continued support!


Just a quick note regarding the blog.

I’ve found myself swamped with covering the Celtics for USA Today and new work with the Pitcher List, both of which I’ve been doing well with, in large part because of this blog. With those added on top of my other existing responsibilities, while renovating my newly purchased condo, I’m putting the blog—NOT THE PODCAST—on temporary hold.

I intend to get back into the swing of it once the renovations are done and I get back that time I’ve been losing.

HOWEVER, regarding the podcast, the show has found new life with Matt Lopez hopping on and the new idea of “Legends Never Die,” or “Who Ya GOT?!?” or whatever we end up calling it. That’s not going anywhere—in a good way—as Seams Legit starts on its third year soon.

Again, I’m still writing in a bunch of places, so please continue to follow along if you’re having fun. This thing will be operational again, soon.

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