Seams Legit: Chris Russo lost it over the Lee Smith and Harold Baines



Mad Dog is an absolute legend. The passion combined with the accuracy just made my day.

I’m not as annoyed about Smith as he is, but do agree that he shouldn’t be in. He’s an important part of the story of the closer, no doubt, but it’s still a stretch.

But Baines is an absolute joke. The Veterans Committee should be ashamed of itself for letting in a guy who by no means deserves a spot in the Hall.

I hope this doesn’t have a ripple effect and lead to the National Baseball Hall of Fame becoming the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame (basketball) or the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Because that’s the one thing baseball has had over the other two throughout the course of it all.

That may not be the case anymore with the precedent that’s just been set.

Seams Legit

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