Seams Legit: Patrick Corbin to the Nationals

Can you believe this guy just signed for 6 years and $140 million? I’ll tell you what, I sure as hell can’t.

Corbin is a good pitcher, no question. But is he worth THIS MUCH money? He’s a No. 2 on a legit team, maybe a very good three–which is exactly what he’ll be on the Nationals.

Washington, once again, has the potential for a very strong pitching staff. But they’ve been down this road before with Gio Gonzalez. When they both respectively joined the Nationals, I think I viewed Gio as being the better add.

I think this is the Nationals’ way of either trying to bring Bryce Harper back–which won’t work–or showing the fans that they’ll still be competitive–which will be tough with pretty much everyone other than Miami looking good as we inch closer to 2019.

Seams Legit

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