Seams Legit: The Braves signed Josh Donaldson and should have the NL East on lock in 2019

First, the Braves brought back the moose, Brian McCann. Now they’ve added the Bringer of Rain to an Atlanta team that won the NL East last season.

I figured the Phillies or Mets would have a chance at the division next year. Maybe the Mets turn things around and actually live up to the hype (yes, I’m delusional). Or Maybe the Phillies could build off their surprising 2018 (which could still, happen).

Philly could steal the wild card, but I don’t think they can snag the division anymore. Not after this move at least.

The Braves just added Josh Donaldson to Ronald Acuna, Freddie Freeman, Ozzie Albeis, and Nick Markakis. That’s one of the better 1-5’s you’ll find in Major League Baseball.


Looking at the other postseason teams and where they stand, I honestly think I’m taking Atlanta’s 1-5 over everyone else’s in the NL.


The Astros, Yankees and Red Sox are still superior, but this is a gigantic step for the Braves. Plus, adding a veteran presence like Donaldson only helps this young group, too.

Hopefully, people will actually watch them down in Atlanta this year. Should be a fun season.

Seams Legit

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