Seams Legit: Kevin Faulk was in the middle of a fist-fight on Saturday

This is the first thing everyone saw regarding the fight:

Then came this:

Then this:

And the icing on the cake:

And here’s the video of the scrum:

Seriously, this kid is an idiot. Doesn’t matter if the person you punched has a condition, you can’t do something like this. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE RELATED TO THE HEAD COACH. What good comes from it? Five seconds of glory because you punched someone who chirped you?

This guy is an idiot.

Now, knowing what Faulk knew, I don’t blame him for coming at Jimbo’s nephew. I have zero problems with someone standing up for a defenseless person getting attacked.


I’m not saying Kevin Faulk is Batman…but Kevin Faulk kinda is Batman.

Seams Legit

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