Seams Legit: What the hell is going on with the Cleveland Browns?


The only reason this has any legitimacy — in the sense that the Browns actually considered this — is Schefter reported and wrote on it.

But what in the world are the Browns thinking? Seriously, this is just as bad as Tim Tebow playing professional baseball. Neither has any business being there.

(Actually, I lied, Tebow’s situation is worse.)

I don’t believe him for a second.

He probably saw the backlash on social media and though, “NOPE. We were WRONG! BAD IDEA!”

Image result for no thanks gif

Then Rice said this:

No one “loves the Browns,” so whole statement is null and void.

The Best thing to come out of this, Mike Francesa’s reaction:

Glad he could stay awake to give his full take on this one.

Image result for mike francesa sleeping gif

Seams Legit

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