Seams Legit: Kate Upton weighs in on Snell Cy Young nod and deGrom won, but somehow didn’t get the unanimous vote

Good for Snell, he absolutely deserves it. A very tight race between him and Justin Verlander. Of course Kate Upton Weight in because why not?


Anyways, JACOB deGROM.

Image result for hell yeah gif

Could not be more pumped about this guy getting the nod.

Only thing, and I tweeted about this, why was he not a unanimous selection? 29 out of 30 is great, but doesn’t make a lick of sense.

No disrespect to Max Scherzer, but come one dude.

And here’s the one guy who voted for Scherzer:

Come on man. What are you trying to prove?!

Then there was this:

Funny, but definitely not the time to say something like that.

If I’m deGrom in that situation I, respectfully, tell that guy to go screw because this is supposed to be a celebration, not a time to poke fun at my teammates.

I don’t blame deGrom for how he handled it, it’s a strange situation. But between the writer and whoever the heck this guy is that presented deGrom the award, it was an absolute mess.

deGrom got his due and that’s all that matters.

Seams Legit


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