Seams Legit: You have a better free throw shot than Markelle Fultz

First off, Rob Perez is so damn good with these GIFs. I don’t follow his work anywhere else, but I know he’s great on Twitter. His description of this shot is so on point.

Second, OH. MY GOD.

How is that even possible?

The dude legit has the yips! Now I have said when it comes to baseball players having the yips, I will never joke about it. I understand the pain and how helpless one can feel in that instance. But I don’t get how this is possible.

Being a bad free-throw shooter is one thing, but MY GOD, man. Shooting free throw might be the simplest thing in all of sports. Not just because you’re wide open, but the motion itself is so easy.

Having said that, throwing a ball to the pitcher from behind the plate is simple, yet that can rattle guys to no end.

Other than acknowledging how damn ugly this is, I don’t know how to feel about this. Because it’s not something we ever really see. So is it just a Fultz thing about being rattled in general or is this a legit problem other players are susceptible to.

In my life, I’ve met at least 15 people who’ve had baseball-related yips in some capacity. Never heard of anyone having basketball-related yips. Until now, possibly.

Seams Legit

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