Seams Legit: Ohtani and Acuna name ROY

If you listened to the MLB Awards Finalists episode from last week, you know I am 2 for 2 right out the gates. But this one was one of the easier predictions.

The voters absolutely LOVE Ohtani. Understandably so. The guy did do something we literally haven’t seen since Babe Ruth. He may have missed a good chunk of the season, but he played two positions almost the entire time he was healthy.

And it seems like some Yankees fans are losing their minds.

Imagine caring THAT much about the Rookie of the Year voting? Man, that franchise has really gone downhill.

I don’t think anyone was upset about Ronald Acuna winning the ROY, though. Dodgers fans couldn’t care less about anything and Nationals fans are still getting over the fact that Bryce Harper said $300 million and before that, was nearly traded mid-season.

I will say, I’m kind of surprised at how it wasn’t even close on either side. And Buehler on managed one first-place vote. AND got beat out by Soto. Shows you how national media love can really impact these voters.

Seams Legit

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