Seams Legit: Apparently, Le’Veon Bell is content with sitting out the entire season

Welp, if you tried to make a sneaky deal to get Le’Veon Bell on the cheap for your fantasy team, it looks like your efforts were for nothing.

Now, I get these players have to take care of themselves and make the money while they can, but this is ridiculous. And it’s not because he let the fans down. They’ll turn on him in a blink, can’t worry about them. But what about the dudes you line up with every single day? Guess they all don’t matter, huh?

Wouldn’t it be something if no one gave him a fat contract next year? Or if his team sucked. Or he sucked.

Image result for karma gif

Not wishing that on him, it’d just be interesting if that happened.

Seams Legit


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