Seams Legit: MLB announced it’s Gold Glove winners — in the middle of Patriots – Packers

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Major League Baseball once again proving it has absolutely ZERO feel.

Sunday Night’s football game was kind of a big deal. Yet MLB thought it was a good idea to announce the Rawlings Gold Glove Award winners mid-game.

Seriously, I have to think this was the most viewed game across the country. It’s handled like a playoff game with all the Tom Brady v. Aaron Rodgers nonsense. And it’s not like this game was a sprung on us out of nowhere either. Everyone’s known for a while.

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Anyways, when did MLB start handing out co-Gold Glove award winners? (Apparently, this has happened on three other occasions.) Freddie Freeman and Anthony Rizzo would probably agree on this, just give it one of them. Because there have been so many times where the awards have been tightly contested and a very deserving player didn’t earn a share.

For example, Mike Lowell and Eric Chavez back in 2006. Chavez won the award. They easily could’ve shared the award. (I argue Lowell should’ve won it, but that’s not the point.)

Look at their lines — and keep in mind they didn’t use all these ridiculous sabermetrics back in the day either.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 9.20.59 AMLowell.pngChavez.png

Seriously, if you’re going to have co-Gold Glove award winners, how do you not do it here. Take out the names and there’s very little difference between the two.

(I still say slight edge to Lowell, who’s the top name here.)

Outside of that, it was a blend of new guys and repeat offenders.

Best of the 1st-timers is hands down Jackie Bradley Jr. The fact it took this long is a damn joke. The man has out-of-this-world range and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, gets amazing reads.

Yet Kevin Pillar and Kevin Kiermeyer always get all the love. They’re very good and make a ton of highlight reel plays. JBJ has plenty of chances to make those same plays, too. Thing is, he gets such outstanding jumps that he doesn’t have to. Unfortunately, most voters don’t see that because they can’t watch every game, so all they have are numbers, Statcast and highlight reels. Either way, he finally got his due.

Among the repeat winners, Nolan Arenado still takes the cake in my book. Mookie Betts and Yadier Molina are amazing defensive players, but there’s something about a guy who can handle third base that gets the blood flowing.

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Which is why I appreciated both Lowell and Chavez in their prime. Obviously, Arenado is the better all-around player of the three, but even if we’re strictly talking defense, I’m taking him, too. There is nothing he can’t do over there.

Seams Legit

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