Seams Legit: Turns out Jaylen Brown is terrified of clowns

I don’t think I was afraid of clowns as a kid — I honestly can’t remember for some reason — but I certainly never liked them. And who really does? I don’t think there are circuses anymore, but whoever thought it was a good idea to dress up like that?

And I absolutely HATE these haunted houses that pop up around Halloween. I like a good horror movie once in a while, but this is too much for me.

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Quite frankly, I’m surprised we don’t hear more stories like, “Haunted House Worker Punch in the Face.” Some of these people are really good at what they do, and some people don’t handle being scared all that well. Yet’ I’ve never read a story like that.

So don’t be ashamed Jaylen, no one likes clowns and I’m right there with you on haunted houses.

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Seams Legit

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