Seams Legit: Michigan backed up their talk against Michigan State

I was a Michigan fan as a kid, but after playing their baseball team, I couldn’t stand them. There were some good dudes on that team, but I think it was their coach that annoyed me most. The culture he tried to instill. I don’t know exactly, but they went down in my book.

Whereas I couldn’t stand Michigan State going into college, but their baseball team was far more likable than Michigan.

But this is about football. And as much I have a hard time picking one team over the other when I saw Devin Bush Jr. deface Michigan State’s field like that, it was hard to go against Michigan.

And they took it to State pretty well.


But, again, I was more impressed by their chatter off the field.

To which Winovich follow up with:

Then a journalist decided to clap back against Winovich in Twitter. I’m not going too far into this because we all know how dumb that is.

I’m not saying you can’t criticize guys for being villains. I’m saying as a journalist, you really better think about it before you come at an athlete like that. Because the average person is not going to be on your side.

Because when I look at this thread, I don’t think Winovich buried this guy. I think Graham Couch just looks like someone who doesn’t really get it.

Seams Legit

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