Seams Legit: Adrian Gonzalez and congratulated the Red Sox and Dodgers for making it to the World Series before they got there

Adrian Gonzalez is not missed by Red Sox fans. The Dodgers kicked him out of the locker room last year. But he still wants to remind everyone that he played on really good teams. Even though, I have been told that he used to whine about playing primetime games. Because before Boston, Gonzalez only knew the Padres. So he only knew early Sunday games and afternoon midweek games.

He wasn’t bad on the Red Sox, or for the Dodgers until he got older. But I still view him as the baseball equivalent of Kevin Love. Only a good player on a bad team.

And I’m burying the lead here! This moron tweeted this before the game was even done on Thursday! Meanwhile, the Dodgers can’t clinch until Friday. Go back to sleep, Gonzo. No one misses you.

Seams Legit

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