Seams Legit: Manny Machado is quickly becoming an MLB villain

So you’ve got this between Jesus Aguilar and Manny Machado. Now, Aguilar’s foot absolutely 100% covered too much of the base. He or Machado could’ve both gotten hurt, especially Aguilar.

HOWEVER, when you watch the play again, there is clear intent behind the collision. Machado saw Aguilar got a little too comfortable on the bag and gave him a bump on the way to first. It’d be one thing if Machado’s right foot — which tagged the bag — but it wasn’t, and Machado clearly leaning into Aguilar.

Aguilar needs to clear it up a bit, but he has every right to be pissed off a Manny Machado in this situation.

Especially after these questionable takeout slides from the other night.

And then there was his sitdown with Ken Rosenthal:

This guy will never get the benefit of the doubt again.

There is a distinct difference between playing hard and being Johnny Hustle. I thought that was obvious. Clearly, I was wrong, at least based on this guys’ comments.

BY THE WAY, going back to what happened with Aguilar, if Machado isn’t “hustling” stuff like that should NEVER HAPPEN because he’s in total control of his body.

Nice job painting yourself into a corner on that one, Manny.

It’s too bad. Machado is a damn good player and has a ton of flair. Turn out, he’s a total dink.

Put some pinstripes on him, this guy will be perfect for the Yankees.

Seams Legit

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