Seams Legit: NBA opening night leads to strange nerdy crossover, mistake

I actually really appreciate it when sports try to integrate nerd culture. Probably because they’re both what makes me, me.

However, if you’re going to do it, GET IT RIGHT.

I hope everyone sees the two problems with this. Just in case…

The 4 players on the left side of the screen Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons v. Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward have green and blue lightsabers respectively, but the 76ers and Celtics are playing against each other. In case you didn’t know, the good guys in Star Wars use either green or blue lightsabers.

Whereas the bad guys use red. So, again, with the Thunder and Warriors, you have bad v. bad.

Also, how do you give the C’s the blue sabers and 76ers the green ones when they’re playing one another?

Clean it up!

Seams Legit

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