Seams Legit: Jimmy Butler might be the strangest human on the planet

I just read through the transcript of Rachel Nichols‘ conversation with Jimmy Butler and HOLY HELL. What is wrong with that dude?

Seriously, it sounds like he’s just as much a diva as Kawhi Leonard, except instead of running and hiding, Butler gets right in your face.

I mean, he literally said all this nonsense isn’t about the money. “It’s about saying we need you.”



Grow up, bro. Them paying you as much as they do means they NEED you. So they can’t develop talent around you, big deal. That has nothing to do with their opinion of you, they just suck at developing/assessing talent. Or the guys you play with are overrated.

Either way, IT DOESN’T matter.

Look, I appreciate Butler saying stuff to people’s face instead of pulling a Kawhi, I really do. But I still can’t see how anyone would want to play with this dude after all this.

Might be why Kyrie Irving was willing to commit to the Celtics so early.

Seams Legit

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