Seams Legit: Can someone please tell A-Rod he isn’t cool

OMG no way!! Alex Rodriguez is FaceTiming Gary Sanchez the day after he lit up the Red Sox, so cool!

Does A-Rod realize he was probably Sanchez’s hero growing up? Because he talks with and about the Yankees players like they are absolute GODS.

Sanchez hit a home run off of David Price, BIG WHOOP. He owns Price. Not really a reason to act like a child when you have him on the phone.

And here’s an idea, A-Rod, why don’t you actually be a mentor or friend or whatever the hell you want to be to Sanchez, and talk with him about how AWFUL he is on defense. So frigin embarrassing.

I’m glad David Ortiz is comfortable enough with himself to not pull something like this with Mookie Betts or someone else on the Red Sox. He knows the Boston fan base loves him (can’t say A-Rod is as certain about New York) and Ortiz isn’t a hardo who needs to come across as the cool guy all the time. He’s not out to impress anyone, he’s just Papi.

Seams Legit

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