Seams Legit: Tim Tebow is lecturing Alabama students

(Watch 1:14-1:51)

You know what I think constantly alludes a good portion of the media? The fact they think just because something “important” is happening means everyone will automatically care. Like, for example, an Alabama football game. Just because they’re playing does not mean everyone will watch. Why would you want to watch them pistol-whip some fringe DI school? Seriously, where is the fun in that?

Now, it’d be different if it was Georgia and they for some reason suck in that given season. A team like Georgia is usually good, you have to enjoy the times where you can absolutely bury them.

But Tim Tebow is now LECTURING Alabama’s student section for being entitled.


I think the biggest reason for that is they claim to be the best fans in college football. (I’m going based on what Tebow said.) Well, Tim, why would a good fan just willfully accept a bad game? I’m all for Louisiana Lafayette’s nickname (the Rajun Cajuns) but why would I waste my Saturday going to game like that? And I expect students don’t have to pay for it, but still, if I’m going to go, I want a compelling product.

I don’t think Tebow realizes that is legitimately the only reason why he got a contract from the Mets – some people find him to be a compelling product. You’d think he’d know that, but how else could he make a comment this dumb?

And I love how Tebow feels the need to point out that the fans have done nothing to help Alabama football thrive like it has. Gee, thanks, Tim. Here I thought FANS were taking credit for the National Titles.

One more thing, he criticizes the Alabama students for using “daddy’s money” to pay for school (and to watch football, which is rich).

Tell me something: how many high school kids can pay for college on their own? I recognize you had a full-ride, but there are some kids who had to juggle a job and school in order to help their family function just so they might have a slight chance at going to their dream school in Alabama (don’t laugh, I guarantee it’s a dream school for some people). But because they used some of their parents’ money to go to school there, or because some parents do well enough that they can pay for their kids to go to college, they HAVE TO go watch people play football.


I’ll tell you what, I may have been a scholarship athlete (not a big deal**) but a thought like that has never, EVER crossed my mind.


Just another example of how Tim Tebow has no feel.


**seriously, I’m not joking, it wasn’t a big deal.

Seams Legit

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