Seams Legit: Bye-bye Buck Showalter

Took long enough!

For the life of me, I don’t get why the Orioles didn’t fire Showalter after the first month of the year. Give someone else a crack at interim or something. I doubt they would’ve led the team to a 47-115 finish.

Can imagine that bein your team? 47 wins. 61 games back in the division. I think the Red Sox officially eliminated the O’s mid-August, but they’ve been out since May pretty much.

Yet they kept Showalter around until the end, completely throwing in the towel.

Honestly, I kind of hope Baltimore wins it next year just so he can feel that again. Yankees won in 1996, his last year was ’95. Diamondbacks won in 2001, his last year was 2000.

So mark it down now, the Baltimore Orioles will be your 2019 World Series Champions!

Seams Legit

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