Seams Legit: Earl Thomas gave the Seahawks’ sideline a going away present after busting his leg

Soooo yeahhhh, Earl Thomas isn’t exactly pleased with Pete Caroll and the Seahawks. The Legion of Boom is disbanded. Marshawn Lynch is doing his thing in Oakland. And the franchise just hasn’t been the same since Carroll choked away the Super Bowl against New England.

And now, Thomas was his money, doesn’t get it, and suffers an injury that lands him on the IR. Can’t say I blame him for being pissed off. Not that I’d go the route he did, but I understand the frustration 100%.

What will come of this, unfortunately, and undoubtedly, is a litany of commentators who critique and criticize Thomas for his actions.

“You’re sending a wrong message to your team.”

“You have young fans watching you, you have to think about them.”

All this high and mighty nonsense that I would’ve bought into as a kid. But now I have a college degree so that automatically means I know better

Thomas’ teammates know what that was about. Those players don’t think for one second that was directed towards them. That was directed at Carroll and everyone else who has a say in whether or not he gets paid.

And he has to take advantage of his market while the getting is still good — and it probably won’t be after this. Thomas’ holdout is purely business, nothing to do with players or the fan base. Because if he doesn’t watch out for him, who will?

Now, if it were a baseball or basketball player holding out, I’d feel differently. Their careers tend to last so much longer.

Also, more directly towards the “young fans” line: stop it. Kids shouldn’t be taught to idolize athletes. I know I put them on the same level as superheroes and other awesome fictional characters as a kid. I don’t think I’m alone in that, but that’s just setting young fans up for disappointment.

That’s on the parents (which, I didn’t listen to mine when it came to this — that’s one me not them). I’m not getting any further into parental advice than I already have, and I think my point has been made on that.

More importantly, spare me the lectures directed at Thomas on this.

BY THE WAY, I’d bet money that the people who actually dump on him for this are the same people who freak out over every little penny and perk in their own contract negotiations.

Seams Legit

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