Seams Legit: Team USA is getting its teeth kicked in at the Ryder Cup


First off, you’ll notice this is a BBC picture with the score, and they are a European-based TV network. I am not rooting for Europe. However, I was looking for confirmation on something, and this was probably the fifth site I went to, to find that bit of info AND the only one with the score listed. And all the other sites were American.

Speaking of American, what’re you guys doin’? Don’t give me that home field advantage nonsense, either. The fact that USA hasn’t won on foreign soil since 1993 is a joke. These guys travel CONSTANTLY, but now because they’re on the other side of the Atlantic they all of a sudden tighten up?

Nope, no excuse. Figure it out.

(DISCLAIMER: I may or may not be feeling a little overly confident about my golfing abilities after a round I played yesterday. And I traveling 1,000 miles to play that round BY THE WAY.)

Seams Legit

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