Seams Legit: A’s are now everyone AL favorite because of their low payroll

Oakland had the lowest Opening Day payroll in Major League Baseball at $66 million dollars.

Apparently, they’re the first team to ever do this:

I mean, that’s great and everything, but does anyone really expect they’re going deep in the postseason? Because that’s the impression I get.

Don’t get me wrong, amazing regular season feats should absolutely be celebrated, but I don’t think that’s all that’s going on here.

The A’s certainly scared Red Sox fans during the regular season, but I don’t look at this team and think they can do anything outside of winning the Wild Card game.

They have an awesome bullpen. Second best if the Yankees are performing as they should. Matt Olson (28 home runs and 80 RBI) and Matt Chapman (.295 average, .850 OPS and 24 home runs) have certainly had great years, as has Khris Davis with his 46 home runs and whopping 120 RBI.

And they have some nice players after that, but does anyone really think they can compete with Boston, Cleveland or Houston? All three teams have a superior pitching staff and offense.

The A’s are a nice regular season story, but that’s it.

Seams Legit

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