Seams Legit: And the “Worst Half-Sleeve of All-Time” Award goes to…Lonzo Ball!

Monday was NBA Media Day and each team’s top players were posing for photoshoots:

(Cannot wait for the Celtics to get started.)

(Kawhi posing by himself…huh, that’s weird.)


But this one may have been my favorite of them all:

Now THAT’S a team with a new attitude!


My thoughts exactly.

When LeBron is the closest thing to a badass in your picture, and you’re trying to create a badass image, you’re doing something wrong. Such a fake, phony group of “tough” guys. Though I guess that’s fitting for Los Angeles.


But that’s not even the best part of the pic! Look at Lonzo Ball. First off, yes, he looks SUPER awkward. Now, look at his right arm.




I knew half-sleeves were a thing, but I always thought you started from the top and worked your way down. And even if that’s not the case, and people get half-sleeves from wrist-to-elbows, I feel like that’s a look for someone who normally wears a short-sleeve shirt, or is jacked (because that solves every issue).

Hopefully, Rajon Rondo brings this horrible look up in his first blowup with the Ball family. Someone has to say SOMETHING.

Seams Legit

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