Seams Legit: Andrew Wiggins should probably tap out of this beef with Stephen Jackson

It looks like this all has to do with Jimmy Butler asking for a trade out of Minnesota. But this thing has taken on a life of its own. Because, and I’m sure Wiggins knows this. Stephen Jackson isn’t one to keep his mouth shut.

And that’s by no means an insult. Jackson’s an old school, tough guy. I wish the game had more players like him.

Anyways, here’s what he said in response:

Some might say Jackson needs to get over himself since he’s 40.

Why though? This is who he’s always been in the public eye as far as the average NBA fan knows. Jackson doesn’t want to take it from a young guy who hasn’t lived up to his hype, I have no problem with that.

And I’ll say this, too, never interacted with either player, but I’d bet Jackson would try to talk this out behind closed doors before Wiggins.

Wiggins wants to talk trash and move on, nothing face-to-face. Jackson will do it in any setting, any time. But, again, he’s got that old school way about him. He’ll give Wiggins a chance before he comes at him.

(Unless, of course, Wiggins throws a drink at Jackson or one of his old teammates. Then all bets are off.)


Seams Legit

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