Seams Legit: Apparently Antonio Brown didn’t show up to the Steelers’ facility on Monday

What the world is going on in Pittsburgh? First, it’s Le’Veon Bell. Now, it’s Antonio Brown. And we’re only in Week 3?

And this report is only a small piece of what’s happening. Here’s was Brown tweeted on Monday:


Ben Roethlisberger told reporters that he doesn’t think Brown actually wants to be traded. Then again, what the hell else is he supposed to say?

As someone who may or may not have Antonio Brown in fantasy football, I didn’t think it’d be great for his own personal statistics to go somewhere else, call me crazy. The Steelers have found a way of always being fairly successful offensively living through Bell and Brown. With James Conner looking pretty damn good to start things, so I don’t see why they can’t try something similar with Conner and Brown.

Seams Legit



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