Seams Legit: Stephon Marbury is back in business

Brought to you by the same people who made those awful shoes that everyone had back in 2007-2009, we have one of the weirdest inventions sports has ever seen.

In theory, I don’t hate this idea…for about 5 seconds. But when I put some actual thought into it I realized there’s no way this works!

If it’s dark out I still can’t see the damn hoop. Or the people I’m frigin playing against for that matter. So I’m going to need lights. Once you have lights, what’s the point??

This is a wacky novelty item at best.

Also, I can’t fully tell since I haven’t actually held one of these in my hand, but the actual ball Marbury’s using in this picture looks like one he stole from a gym class. One of those where the rubber is all torn and feels like a damn rock.

And I LOVE Marbury’s script in this ad.

“When you turn on your phone and your light, this is what the ball does, this is how it looks.”

“Dope right?”

So I’m actually assumed a lot when I said this is supposed to be for playing at night. Marbury’s thought process could easily be “people will buy it because it looks cool and it’s Starbury.”

Sorry dude, nostalgia isn’t gonna help you THAT much.

Seams Legit

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