Seams Legit: Jacob deGrom would make the Tampa Bay Rays a playoff team

Allow me to elaborate…


In addition to the ridiculous stat above, Jacob deGrom now has a 1.71 ERA, a 2.02 FIP, a 0.95 WHIP, an 11.03 K/9 (239 K’s in 195 IP), 5.43 K/BB, a .202 opponents’ batting average and a .538 opponents’ slugging percentage.


Yes, I know I used a lot of numbers (and yes, I know that gif has been overused immensely). I promise it’s all necessary.

All of those numbers are among the best in baseball. There isn’t a number you can knock deGrom for in 2018.

Well, other than his win-loss record. Because we all now know he’s yet to crack the double-digit mark.

Which brings us to Blake Snell.

Very, VERY good pitcher. At this point, he’d get my AL Cy Young vote if I had one. (Because it looks like the Red Sox refuse to put Chris Sale back on the mound for a legit start until the playoffs.)

Snell has a 2.03 ERA, a .183 opponents’ average, a 10.70 K/9 (195 K’s in 164 IP), a 3.48 K/BB, a 0.98 WHIP and a .572 OPS. Pretty much the same exact numbers. Snell is better in some categories, deGrom in others.

Yet somehow, Snell has 19 wins. And he only has five losses. I recognize the Rays are somehow kind of in Wild Card contention, but this is a sick joke.

And when I look at how many runs both the Mets and Rays offenses are producing,  I want to crank up Bodies by Drowning Pool.

The Rays have scored 630 runs in 145 games, the Mets have 599 in 143. “Well Nick, that’s a pretty big gap.” Oh really? You think so?

That averages out to 4.34 runs per game for the Rays and 4.18 for the Mets per game.


You don’t need to know the difference between a softball and a baseball to know 0.16 runs on average shouldn’t make that much of a difference in record between deGrom and Snell.

Someone mentioned to me that deGrom would have 25 wins if he played for the Red Sox. He’s made 29 starts to this point so that’s probably a fair call. If he was on pretty much anyone besides the Mets, Orioles, Rangers, Royals, Marlins, Padres or Reds, deGrom would already have 21 wins.

You LITERALLY have to average 2 runs a game when he pitches and you’re going to win.

I give up. Please trade him. I don’t care where at this point either. I just can’t continue to watch a pitcher go through something like this.

Seams Legit

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