Seams Legit: It’s amazing how a caption can turn a meaningless video into a work of art

I legit laughed out loud when I saw this in the office.

And I am by no means an Aaron Rodgers fan. I don’t hate the Bears either — though there are days where I do enjoy their misery.

With the way things went Sunday, that video is just too perfect.

Even Big Cat said, “The Bears Are Back.” THAT WOULD IMPLY THEY WERE EVER HERE. (Or there, whatever.) One Super Bowl. That’s it! And you glorify Mike Ditka because of it, when the more and more I hear about that team, the more I feel like Buddy Ryan was the real reason the Bears won THREE DECADES AGO.

I never got this idea. I’m not saying you wish an injury on anyone, but a win’s a win. Take it any way you can. ESPECIALLY as a Bears fan.

Your team isn’t exactly in a position to pick and choose how it wins.


At least Jay gets it.

Seams Legit

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