Seams Legit: The Mariners are apparently having problems in the clubhouse

The report came out before games started on Tuesday that the Mariners had a beef in the clubhouse, with Dee Gordon and Jean Segura apparently at the center of it. Not exactly the best time for something like this to happen, given where the Mariners stand in the Wild Card race.

Personally, I think this cements the A’s and Yankees as the Wild Card winners. No shot the Mariners come back from this.

Now, based on the report it looks like the fight was between Dee Gordon and Jean Segura. I haven’t interacted with either before, but based on the report saying, “Dee Gordon was very polite in his request,” and the fact that I HAVE heard Segura can big league people know and again, I get the feeling Segura is in the wrong on this one.

And that in no way has anything to do with the fact that I very much enjoy watching Dee Gordon play baseball.


Seriously though, tension like this generally doesn’t translate well for any team, especially when it’s two of your best players going at it. I don’t know the roles or personalities that well in the Seattle clubhouse, but if this were Segura and maybe Gordon Beckham then it probably wouldn’t matter much. Everyone would take Segura’s side and shut Beckham up.

But with the fight involving two top dogs, there’s a good chance the clubhouse is divided. Something like this could honestly lead to trades after the season and wind up changing the complexity of this roster. And I think something like that is more likely that the Mariners hugging it out and rallying into the postseason.




Seams Legit

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