Seams Legit: Doug Pederson was not too happy with the media on Sunday

With the way some of these NFL head coaches respond to the line of questioning from reporters, you’d think they’re discussing issues of national security.

Seriously, all they’re asking you, Doug, is which guy is going to stick his hands under your 300-pound center’s nether regions to receive a 1-pound piece of pigskin that he’s going to throw to someone else.

I don’t care if he answers the questions or not. I really don’t. But these Philly reporters HAVE to ask these questions, it’s their job. And you don’t HAVE to give them an answer. But don’t act like it’s such a big deal.

And I’m sure the idiot Philly fans are cheering on Pederson for “not taking anything from the media.” He’s an idiot. Because now there’s more attention on this issue, why he’s “tryna win a football game,” as if it’s an actual life and death situation.

Seams Legit

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