Seams Legit: Cleveland gets Josh Donaldson, but can he get back to full strength by October?

Of all the waiver deadline deals, this one definitely surprised me the most. And there were some significant names who were either picked up off waivers or cleared them:


–Andrew McCutchen to the Yankees

–Ryan Madson to the Dodgers

–Gio Gonzalez to the Brewers

–Curtis Granderson to the Brewers


I don’t know how long until he gets back (he hasn’t played in the bigs since May 28) but I would think they didn’t just get him with the idea he’d max out as a pinch hitter.

The Indians already have Jose Ramirez at third base and Edwin Encarnacion as their DH. But maybe they try to stick Encarnacion at first base. He’s only played 19 games there this year, but if it makes the offense click, you know Terry Francona will test the waters. Or maybe they try Donaldson there? I don’t like that move as much, but he could definitely handle first base.

The Indians have time to figure it out anyway, it’s not like anyone in the AL Central has a chance at catching them in the standings.

I’ll tell you what though, this postseason just got a lot more interesting. If Donaldson gets back to 75% of the player he can be, this Indians team could definitely run through the AL and have a legitimate shot at the World Series.

Seams Legit

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