Seams Legit: Andrew McCutchen going to the Yankees is a terrible sign for the return of Aaron Judge

Before getting into Judge, I could not be more disappointed about this move. I like Cutch. I like the Giants. Felt like it was a perfect match. And now we’re going to see this guy in pinstripes every day? He makes zero sense in a Yankees uniform.

In terms of what this means on the field, this is an OK add for the Yankees — though it does have high potential. Cutch has not been the guy he was in 2017, who was bouncing back from a down 2016 season. He did well in May (.283 average, .375 OBP and 11 doubles) and even better in June (.303 average, .892 OPS, 6 home runs and 17 RBI).

But he is far from being MVP-type player he once was. That being said, playing in a cracker jack box like Yankee stadium could affect his numbers.

Normally, though, a team performing like the Yankees have been wouldn’t need a guy like Cutch — especially not an AL team . (Well, they did lose a series to the White Sox and lost the first game of the Tigers series.)

So why are they doing this?

I’ve been saying it since it happened, he is done in 2018. Judge will not be back this year. That was an absolute missile of his hand. And as much as everyone else might be stunned Judge isn’t back yet, the Yankees are not. They knew exactly what was going down the minute Judge got his diagnosis.

If he does force his way back in the lineup, then it’ll be too late and impossible for him to get back in a groove — making him essentially useless in the postseason.

The Yankees are in big trouble come the postseason. They have a decent staff, and a good pen, but that offense is nowhere near what it can be without No. 99.


Sorry Yankees fans. (Not really!)


Seams Legit

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