Seams Legit: So…College football is back…

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Tom Brady area in New England, but I will never, ever understand the insane appeal with college football.

Is it because they aren’t pros? Because a chunk of them will be someday. And the guys that you liked 4 years ago on (insert college team here) that made it to the pros, yeah, there’s a chance they’re still playing in the pros.

Is it because people like the style of football better? Because if that’s the case, you’re insane. Why do you want to watch little-to-no passing, with 85% of teams living on that stupid option play?

I think it’s because most college football fans live in close proximity to terrible NFL teams. Has to be the only thing that makes sense.

Unless of course, you went to the particular school you’re rooting for (Go Cats!) Then I get it. But still not to the point where THAT’S the team you care about over an NFL team.

All that being said, I will admit these are pretty sick:

Seams Legit

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