Seams Legit: MadBum did deGrom dirty on Player’s Weekend

What a jerk that guy is.

“HEY, I know you only get ABs once every five days and I just threw 91 right at your pretty little face, but I’m still gonna use that to mess with you when I drop this frigin hook on your ass and make you look like a 6-year-old taking his first hacks.” That’s basically what Bumgarner said with his actions.

And I know it’s not 95-plus, but I honestly feel like anything 87 and above coming at your face is terrifying. Especially when you don’t see it often.

Obviously a good bit of pitcher by Bumgarner. Lord knows deGrom would do the same thing.

Also, for those keeping track at home, deGrom is 8-8 after losing the 3-1 pitcher’s duel. His ERA is a whopping 1.71.

I really hope the Mets don’t screw deGrom out of a Cy Young.

Seams Legit

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