Seams Legit: Ronald Acuna isn’t human

How does this keep happening?!

This guy knows some pitchers (and announcers) think Acuna needs to get drilled, but he doesn’t care. The dude just keeps taking monster hacks every time he gets to the plate.

Forget the success he’s having, this guy has my respect because he’s absolutely fearless and has pummelled National League pitchers into submission.

I’ve always felt there are some guys you can hit and some guys you can only dust off. It all depends on the guy’s general level success and how long he’s been around — how hot he is sometimes factors in, too.

Like if Albert Pujols hit 3 homers in one game, then comes out and drills another the next day, then you can buzz him. You can’t drill him though. But if he hit a home run AGAIN the next day, then he might be fair game (NOT IN THE HEAD AREA).


Acuna’s nowhere near Pujols level, but if someone tried to pull what Jose Urena did the other day NOW, I might switch sides in the argument.

Seams Legit



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