Seams Legit: Still can’t get over Scott Kingery’s appearance

Imagine being a rookie position player on a playoff team and being told my your manager — who’s ripped out of his mind — to go pitch. Personally, I’d try to blow everyone’s doors off, but logical humans would probably go 75% max.

Not Scott Kingery though. Dude DOES NOT CARE.

Sucks when games get to this point because you never see the stud position players come in to pitch. Imagine if Mike Trout or Bryce Harper came in. Now that’d be must-watch stuff.

Instead, we get this (no offense Kingery):

Now I could be wrong, but I think if guys try stupid stuff like Kingery did then more people would keep the TV tuned to the game when position players pitched.

If nothing else they make for great GIFs.

Seams Legit

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