Seams Legit: An Indy ball team had a fan food fight for a promotion

It really is amazing the length Indy ball teams go to, to put people in the stands. They honestly have to though if they’re going to make money. Especially if you’re like this team and have an MLB team less than a half hour away. (Which is probably not the best business decision when you think about it for like 2 seconds.)

I think this was a great idea though. Gets people to spend money on concessions, too. All-around a money maker.

What was weird in all this was the PA announcer said, “Remember, keep it off the field!” Did the people that came up with this idea seriously think that would work? You start throwing hotdogs and ducking nachos, you’re not going to worry about where you’re throwing things.

Also, one quick thing on these announcers, because I can’t help myself. Can you tell these guys have never been in a food fight in their life? Geez man. I know it’s a little more chaotic than a baseball game, but can you give me a little more than “That was unreal,” and “I like it”?

Seams Legit

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