Seams Legit: Yasiel Puig vs. the San Francisco Giants Round 1,000

This rivalry doesn’t get enough hype outside of California. The Giants and Dodgers have always hated each other, but I never really noticed it until Madison Bumgarner and Puig went at it.

And I think this is the one people know most:

Of course, I’m team MadBum. Always will be.

I want to look at Hundley v. Puig objectively. Watch this clip of the video, there’s no graphic that covers up the first hit.

So Hundley’s the agitator and Puig made things physical.

Why did Hundley say anything? I know some pitchers get annoyed when hitters say, “How did I miss that?!” or “Man I should’ve crushed that!” (Personally, I always liked when hitters did that, always thought it meant I was in their head.)

But I think that’s what annoyed Hundley in this case, which I do find a little strange. I loved when a catcher has their pitcher’s back, but this doesn’t seem like something worth chirping a guy over.

The fact that it’s Puig could be the main reason why Hundley did it. He might have let it slide if it was Matt Kemp or Manny Machado or pretty much anyone else. For that reason, I’m kind of OK with it. If it were anyone else on the Dodgers it’d be a real reach.

That being said, I don’t mind what Puig did. Can’t let some 34-year-old career back-up catcher on a rival team come at you like that over something that trivial.

I usually have no problem picking sides on these things, especially if the Giants or Puig are involved. But I really don’t know that I can make a choice here.



What am I saying? Forget Puig, Hundley all the way.

Seams Legit

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