Seams Legit: David Bote apologized for his bat flip…?

Absolute nuke. A thing of BEAUTY.

Now did you notice Bote’s bat flip? Pretty modest one right? Looked like a mic-drop more than anything, which is kind of what a walk-off home run is.

But it really wasn’t a big deal.

So WHY did Bote feel the need to apologize for it the next day?! Here’s what he said:

“It just kind of happened. I didn’t even realize I did it until I saw it on the replay. I thought, ‘Oh man, I did bat flip it.’ Obviously, I meant no disrespect by any means. It was just the heat of the moment, I got it good and I was wishing it out.”

Who the hell thought you meant disrespect, dude? I get you’re not some big-time prospect or anything, but it’s OK for you to have fun and show some emotion once in a while!

There was nothing wrong with Bote’s reaction to his home run. And I really think Bote is the only person who saw any need for an apology.

But the fact that this is ingrained in some players’ minds is not OK.

You just had the game-winning hit, and it was a GRAND SLAM it’s very acceptable to be happy and show it. Especially if you’re a guy like Bote who may never get the chance to do something like this again! (Not to rain on his parade or anything.)

Seams Legit

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