Seams Legit: Max Scherzer did something I’ve never *HEARD* an MLB pitcher do

Make sure you turn up the volume. Not too loud. It won’t take much.

You know what’s great about this? Scherzer just doesn’t care.

He doesn’t care that it’s on national TV. He doesn’t care that he’s on the road. He doesn’t care that he sound’s like a maniac. He doesn’t care that he would’ve looked like an even bigger loser if Javy Baez went yard on that pitch (and that thing would have gone DEEP).

You know why he doesn’t care? Because he thinks he’s the best frigin pitcher on the planet.

And for the last few years he has been. Not sure that’s the case this year between Jacob deGrom and Chris Sale, but Scherzer is definitely in the conversation.

Scherzer, like Sale, is very intense. These are the kind of guys I liked watching growing up, but there was a time the game shunned them. Players like Scherzer were the bat-flippers before the bat-flippers. But now they’re revered because “they care.”


Bat-flippers are the same idea, they just have a different look.


On a separate note, though Scherzer-related:

That ain’t right. You can’t hit that.

That’s probably the millionth Scherzer changeup highlight I’ve seen all year (thanks @PitchingNinja). If anyone every wonders if Scherzer will still be good when he starts to sit in the low 90s with his fastball, show them clips of his changeup.

This guy will be an all-timer/Hall of Famer. And I think when we look back at the first 25 years of baseball in the 21st century he’ll be regarded as one of the era’s 10 best pitcher. (Keep in mind Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Tom Glavine and Mariano Rivera had some seriously good years in the early 2000’s, so this wouldn’t be the easiest world in the list to crack.)

Seams Legit

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