Seams Legit: Tiger Woods continues to be the most compelling television in America

I honestly don’t watch TV much in my spare time these days. That’s 100 percent because I’m constantly watching the Red Sox or other baseball related things. Once football, basketball and hockey roll around things will be more spaced out, so maybe I’ll get back into it.

But when Tiger Woods is on his A-game and competing for a Major Championship on a Sunday, it’s must-watch television. It’s definitely more of roller coaster ride than it was back in his heyday. I mean, the guy couldn’t find the fairway until the back 9. Old Tiger never does that.

At the same time, that only made his comeback all the more maddening. One putt, after one putt. The approach on 15 where he put himself what, like 5 feet from the pin, that’s vintage Tiger.

Brooks Koepka stuck it out though. While it sucks for golf, Koepka winning was the best possible outcome for golf. The big fella’s had a great year and now he finished off Major season with a win over Tiger on a day where he’d looked his best ever, and had all of America glued to the TV waiting for Tiger to take the lead. (Not to mention Adam Scott was playing well side-by-side with Koepka, too.)

Tiger will have his day. He looks to damn good at this point to not get one more before he retires. But from the looks of it, there’s at least one guy who’s not intimidated by Woods.

Seams Legit

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