Seams Legit: MLB Players’ Weekend is back and the nicknames have been revealed…here’s who got it right

Some good ones mixed in here. By far the best jersey, though not exactly the best nickname is Boxberger’s:

Looking over the list of nicknames, here are some of my favorites (and why):

Madison Bumgarner –> Mad-Bum (Obviously)

Luke Jackson –>  Skywalker (Some might are it’s clichéd, I just think it’s vintage. Plus I don’t know many Luke’s whose nickname is Skywalker. And can you imagine that being on the back of your jersey?)

Evan Longoria –> Longo (Simple, but perfect.)

Nelson Cruz –> Boomstick (It just makes sense.)

Noah Syndergaard –> Thor (You already know.)

Shane Bieber –> Not Justin (Might be my new favorite player all-time just because of this.)

Ariel Jurado –> Bartolito (Yep, it’s got to do with him being compared to Bartolo Colon. Not exactly the nickname you want. Unless, of course, you want to stick around Major League baseball FOREVER. Because in that case it’s a great nickname.

Kevin Kiermaier –> Outlaw (Just badass. Actually seems fitting for him, too. Guy just robs everyone of hits.

And to the guys out there who don’t have a nickname and just used their last names, JUST MAKE ONE UP NEXT TIME. This stuff’s supposed to be stupid and fun, so roll with it.

Seams Legit

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