Seams Legit: The NCAA can never make anything simple

I appreciate the NCAA trying to make moves, really. They are constantly under fire, and as much as I’m not always at the forefront of that argument everyone can admit it was time for a change.

But if you’re going to make the change, maybe put in the right amount effort to get it done properly?


See, now this isn’t a bad idea, outside of the whole “elite” tag.

Once I saw that tag, though, I thought “who decides who’s elite and how do they determine it?” Because I also assume there will be some level of politics in it.

There are some guys who dominate in college, but aren’t considered big-time prospects because their game or size won’t transfer to the NBA. And of course the ones who DO translate well to the pro game aren’t always the best in college, so I feel like it’s impossible to determine who’s “elite” effectively.

Then this bit of info came out:

OK, so the NCAA is having a third party decide who’s elite. I don’t hate that, but it’s still kind of weird.

Then we get this:

Seriously? Who the heck is running the NCAA? How do you make a decision like this without telling the other party involved?

Now I look at it and really think the NCAA doesn’t want this to happen. I guess in their mind they “tried” so everything’s supposed to be alright. Well it’s not. This is about as bad a look as it gets for the NCAA and I can’t imagine I’ll defend them again.

Seams Legit

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