Seams Legit: How in the world is Nick Markakis good again?

I knew Markakis was having a good season, but I didn’t realize it was arguable the best season of his career.

He’d always been a very solid player, like a B-, up until about 2016 when he was just average. Either way, he’s never been a bad player. Just another guy who was stuck in a terrible baseball market (Baltimore in his case) who got no real recognition.

In fact, I didn’t realize it until this post, he’d never been an All-Star until this year. On arguably the best team he’s played on in his career (in terms of divisional standing). Again, he’s never been the best player in the league, but I would’ve thought he’d get the nod from players around the league at least once or twice just by being so damn consistent.

It took 13 years at the big league level, at 34 years of age, to get the nod.

Strange how he’s doing so much better this year than in years past. He has the chance to have his best season since 2008, when he was 24. Could even go down as his best year depending on where his home run total (13), batting average (.313) and OPS (.863) end up.

Seams Legit

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