Seams Legit: Red Sox – Yankees tension sparking age-old debate over pitchers throwing at hitters

First off, this was 100% intentional. I don’t care what Severino or Boone says. I think it was more pertaining to the shellacking the Red Sox gave the Yankees on Thursday, as opposed to Rick Porcello drilling Brett Gardner on an 0-2 pitch in the first inning.

Anyways, this isn’t about that series, it’s about the bigger picture.

I heard a caller on WEEI on my way to Fenway saying MLB needs to step in and stop pitchers from throwing at hitters. That is was (and I’m paraphrasing here) one of the old things in baseball that takes away from the game.

Funny, because I always thought it was one of the more excited parts of baseball. I though it added an extra edge and gave players a better reason to compete other than the general sake of winning.

But maybe I’m crazy. Maybe pitchers should let opposing hitters get fat and comfortable in the box after they put on a hitting clinic. Maybe pitchers shouldn’t have their teammates’ backs. Because that makes sense, right?

Everyone should be friends since they’re all millionaires playing baseball and having a grand old time. That way they can be just like the NBA!


Seams Legit

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