Seams Legit: Dez Bryant has something to say

It looks like this is what started everything:

Things took off from there:

Yeah, so there’s a lot here from Dez. I never got the impression he was one for making friends, though the Cowboys’ locker room is not one I’ve ever been in.

Why would you immerse yourself in something like this though? Dez should know better. Unless he’s stupid, which is definitely a possibility.

There’s one last tweet from Bryant, at least at this point, that’s worth addressing:

He’s joking right? He has to be.

I don’t know what his childhood or background is, but a pro football player who’s made $56,810,500 over his career isn’t seriously complaining about that, right?

Turn off Twitter, go enjoy retirement or irrelevancy, or whatever, and just SHUT UP already.

(Here Dez Tweets that went out after I posted this):

This next tweet came right after the one above. Bryant probably could’ve been a little more tactful with how he worded this one.

Seams Legit

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